NSW Small Biz Connect Programm

Jun 6th, 2013

After a succesful Trial in late 2012, NSW Trade and Investment has signed up to use the benchmarking.com.au platform for its Small Biz Connect program.

An extract of the department news release issued on May 23rd 2013 reads:


Minister for Small Business Katrina Hodgkinson today launched three new high-tech world class tools to be used in the NSW Government’s Small Biz Connect program to help small businesses thrive in NSW.

“The Small Biz Connect Diagnostic system, Benchmarking.com.au and Bugseye Pinpoint will assist owners and operators to make informed business decisions,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

“The Small Business Diagnostic system includes intelligent and interactive tools which can identify knowledge and skills, and highlight the gaps within each small business.

“To complement this system, Small Biz Connect is establishing a series of questions to be used as general business ‘health checks’ to identify key areas for improvement.

“The second tool, Benchmarking.com.au will create a detailed report so owners and operators can see how their business compares to market benchmarks, get an idea of how much their business could be worth, and compare year to year data.

“The third tool is a customised version of Bugseye Pinpoint which will help businesses decide on a location when they are buying, starting or expanding a business anywhere in NSW.

“The interactive dashboard delivers critical insights, including the dollar value market size for all major goods and services, as well as key demographic information on customers, markets and trends.

“The NSW Government is proud to add these advanced tools to our successful Small Biz Connect program to help small business operators develop the skills and resources needed to succeed.

“This is yet another example of the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government supporting the State’s 680,000 small businesses,” Ms Hodgkinson said.

To access these tools contact your local Small Biz Connect provider online: www.smallbusiness.nsw.gov.au or call 1300 795 534.

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