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Benchmarking for Consultants and Business Advisors

The Benchmarking Suite is a specific platform, designed for accountants and business advisors. With the Benchmarking Suite, business advisors can create unlimited Business Benchmark Reports for clients, adding a new offering, and revenue stream, to your advisory services. Our business benchmarking software not only analyses thousands of businesses across Australia, but also provides industry insights across a diverse range of industries.

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Features of the Benchmarking Suite

Across Australia, business advisors utilise the Benchmarking Suite features to produce insightful reports that support their clients to grow and thrive. The Benchmarking Suite is highly intuitive, making it easy to rapidly produce benchmarking and industry reports.

The Benchmarking Suite includes all features of the Business Benchmark Report as well as key additions specifically designed for business advisors.

Custom branded unlimited benchmark reports

With unlimited reports, now you can provide any client an in-depth analysis of their business and industry. Each report is automatically branded with your logo and corporate colours and can be easily downloaded as a PDF, Word or Excel file. The downloaded reports are professionally presented and ready to immediately send onto clients if required.

Intuitive dashboard and data imports

Our developers have focused on ensuring the Benchmarking Suite platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use, no matter how impressive your IT skills are. All data can be imported directly from Excel or Xero, or you can enter into the dashboard directly. We encourage use of the integration tool and provide ongoing support to ensure you are confident in using our system.

Editable MS Word download options

For advisors wanting to customise their client’s benchmarking report, we offer fully editable Word doc. downloads. This means you can you can edit, and add, content based on the report requirements. Our reports can be utilised as a base template to build strategic business plans for clients to drive improved business performance.

Gain greater insights into industry-wide trends

Utilise the reports to gain greater insight into industry trends in Australia. We have analysed a wide range of Australian Industries to give you and your clients a complete overview of how the industry is performing now, and how future economic drivers will impact business owners. This means you can support your client’s plan for growth or transition with confidence.

Annually review business performance

The Benchmarking Suite enables you to track business performance against previous years. You can showcase to your client improvements in productivity, profitability and key performance areas. You can also review ongoing trends to support clients make strategic decisions for the future.

Estimate your client’s Business Value

As an advisor, makes it easy for you to estimate the fair market value of your client’s business. Our report uses a capitalisation of profits method. The final figure can serve as a starting point for strategic decisions such as: selling a business, attracting investment or business growth.

Ongoing support and resources

Our Team offer free data reviews for all business suite customers. We also have a wide range of resources available to support you to add even more value to clients.

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